The “L Word” of College

So, you're a college student. You go to a campus of nearly 50,000 people. You talk to people throughout your day, you go to parties, you get invited places. Everything should be great, right? But what if it's not? What if during these parties, you find yourself zoning out, wondering if any of these people … Continue reading The “L Word” of College

Antidepressants…But make it Normalized

**Trigger warning: this post talks about depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicidal ideation** NOTE: If you're looking at this post, please I encourage you to scroll to the bottom of this post if you don't have time to read it all and read the notes I'm going to leave at the end of this post … Continue reading Antidepressants…But make it Normalized

3 Things I didn’t know about Grief before I experienced it

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I posted on here. A really long time. I guess I got busy with working over the summer and then school has started again and I have a job on campus this year that's caused me to practically become nocturnal. Seriously, my sleep schedule is non-existent; which is why … Continue reading 3 Things I didn’t know about Grief before I experienced it