Social Media Never Dies

Everything in our world will one day decay.

The flowers will shrivel under snow, a baby will grow,

Dying elderly and buried under stone.

Your death changes it all.

The memories that once shone, are hidden in my mind’s’ darkest of halls.

I hide them and deny they are there.

I wish they weren’t…  

All of the days I wanted only to see you have turned to delusion.

Times when I see you, and know you aren’t there.

In the halls my heart will lurch, when I hear your voice

Or see your shirt. You aren’t there, but you’re everywhere.

The thing is, even if my mind ever lets go,

the messages are still in my phone.

Your body may die, memories may fade, but social media never forgets and never lets you


Oh look, it’s your birthday.

Don’t they know they’re celebrating a ghost?


In Loving Memory of Skylor Burgos 


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XOXO- Dellie

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