A Night of Thank You’s

There was a lot that went into this weekend, a lot of people working both behind the scenes and on the scene to make this the best it could’ve been. I’m not sure if I can include all of my thank you’s and have it be enough, but the best I can do is try.

First, a thank you to my amazing concert buddy, the one who has made both of my twenty one pilots concerts nights to remember. Ruthie, thank you for taking me to both of my concerts, for jamming to the songs and working your hardest to make them the best nights possible. I feel really blessed that these concerts have given us the opportunity to connect and just hang out together. Thank you for the memories, I’ll never forget them!

19420496_10100268274752603_9163522672396355134_n (1)
Pre-Concert with Ruthie and Joshua

Joshua, thank you for tagging along and for giving me the opportunity to hang out with you more! It was great not only seeing you react to your first twenty one pilots concert, but the conversations we had both

Me and Joshua

before and after the concert truly touched me. You’re an amazing man, and I’m so happy Ruthie has you. I hope you enjoyed the concert and I hope you look more into the band 🙂

It didn’t take long after I stepped into The Schottenstein Center that I knew this would be a special night. While waiting in line we met the nicest people who took our picture, and I even reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen since I was four years old. Thank you to the clique for treating people the way Tyler and Josh intended. Never forget to uphold that, whether the boys are here or not. To the security team at The Schottenstein, your job was vital to this night. At an age and time when concerts are no longer the safe places they might’ve been before, a big thank you goes out to you guys. Thank you for protecting the pit, protecting Tyler and Josh and all of the staff and management. Thank you for keeping live music alive and safe.20170625_190839

To the concierge, I never expected nor deserved the grace extended toward me. Thank you for only wanting to ensure I had the seats available to me to easily enjoy the show, and for moving our seats, without question. Just an update, it was the best show ever! So thank you 🙂

To Josh, thank you for being a humble, sweet guy and for always hitting the drums with all of your might. Thank you for being an amazing friend to Tyler. Thank you for making so many people happy. Thank you for coming home. Thank you for giving people a standard on how to treat others and for always living up to it! And lastly, thank you for not laughing when you walked in front of me in the hallway, and we made eye contact and I gasped really loud 🙂


To Tyler, thank you for putting on an amazing show, and consistently giving it your all. Thank you for sharing the songs you write, and for encouraging so many people to talk about mental health, in a day where it’s a hushed and ignored topic. You gave us bravery, happiness and encouragement. Thank you, above all, for being a good person in a business that tells you to constantly act otherwise. Thank you for treating others so well, including your opening acts, and for remembering you were once like them. Welcome home we’re glad to have you back.

To the management of twenty one pilots, you guys have done something right with these guys. You’ve kept them grounded and humble and reminded of who they are, and have given them a family when they weren’t with theirs. I’m so happy they’ve landed with you guys. Never let them lose sight of themselves, and thank you for putting in all of the hard work for these shows. To everyone at twenty one pilots, thank you for the past few years and for the change you’ve made in so many lives. We’re proud of you |-/. Stay humble. Stay Street. Stay Street. Stay Alive. From me to everyone involved in this night, one final thank you. To everyone at twenty one pilots, get some rest, you deserve it. And until next time, we’ll be right there with you. Welcome home |-/. 20170625_230056

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XOXO- Dellie

Two photos from the first show in Louisville,Kentucky, at The KFC Yum! Center,  March 6th, 2017 

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