Get off the couch, see these movies

the inspiration behind my recent Movie Monday post!! Check out Chlo’s thoughts on a variety of movies!

Chloe Murdock

Working at a movie theater in the age of Netflix and Chill is like watching a car accident—I’m not a key player, but I’m a witness to how two forces spin themselves out of proportion. Then again, I work at a theater without reclining seats; the industry may not be as declining as I’m making it out to be.

What my movie theaterlacks in butt comfort is made up for in customer service and ticket discount opportunities. Cinemark matinee showings before 6 p.m. are $5 for standard theaters and $8.50 for movies in XD and three-dimensional theaters. However, students who show their school ID, children under 11, seniors and military personnel pay matinee pricing at all hours. I took advantage of my work perks all in one night to review four movies (of varying quality) sans spoilers. I never want to see a movie again, but you’re welcome.

beforeifallmovie_trailer-500x347.jpg photo found…

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