“This or That?” Tag! 75 Questions: Get to Know Me!

As the weekend winds down and we prepare to head into a new week, a new Monday (collective sigh), I thought I would just post something quick and fun just to keep this blog updated and give everyone something fun to read, that might show you a little bit more about me! Here we go, the “This or That” Tag

  1. Apartment or House? Apartment!
  2. Aquarium or Zoo? Zoo….because I go to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium…so, I can do both, and yes, I’m already cheating….oh boy
  3. Boiled or Fried Eggs? Boiled
  4. Brush or Comb? Brush
  5. Burgers or Pizza? Pizza
  6. Cake or Cookies? Cookies
  7. Cardio or Weights? Cardio, because it means I get to walk my dog or walk with my best friend
  8. Cats or Dogs? DOGS!
  9. Chicken or Beef? Chicken
  10. Cinema or Movie at Home? Movie at Home
  11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, but only for cakes. Vanilla for everything else
  12. City or country? City, surprisingly
  13. Coke or Pepsi? Coke!
  14. Comedy or Horror? Comedy
  15. Crab or Lobster? Crab
  16. Dinner Date or Movie Date? Depends whether or not it’s the first date
  17. Fame or Money? Money
  18. Flats or Heels? Flats
  19. Freckles or Dimples? Dimples
  20. Fries or Barbecue? Barbecue
  21. Fruits or Vegetables? Vegetables
  22. Give or Receive? Giving
  23. Go back to the past or go forward in the future? Past
  24. Halloween or valentine’s day? Halloween, only because the candy is better and I’m eternally single
  25. Harry Potter or Hunger Games? ….is this even a question? Harry Potter, of course!!
  26. Home cooked meals or takeout? Home cooked
  27. Hotdogs or Hamburgers? Hot dogs
  28. Hot drinks or cold drinks? Hot drinks
  29. Instagram or Snapchat? Snapchat
  30. Introvert or Extrovert? Struggling extrovert in an introverts body
  31. Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber
  32. Leggings or Jeans? What kind of person would willingly choose jeans…some people want to watch the world burn
  33. London or Paris? Paris
  34. Long nails or short nails? I’ve always had short nails, I would like to have long nails, but only if they’re painted or gel manicured
  35. Meat or Fish? Fish
  36. Mom or Dad? Momma’s girl, but I still love my dad….they’re both great
  37. Morning or Night? Morning
  38. Movies or TV shows? TV Shows
  39. Nerd or Jock? Nerd
  40. Night or Day? Day
  41. Nike or Adidas? Adidas
  42. Office job or work from home? Work from home
  43. Overdressed or Underdressed? I’m thinking this is asking if I would prefer to show up somewhere overdressed or underdressed and I would definitely prefer to be overdressed
  44. Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes
  45. Pen or Pencil? Pen
  46. Polka Dots or Stripes? Stripes
  47. Pork or Chicken? Chicken
  48. Reading or Writing? Writing
  49. Red Grapes or Green Grapes? Red
  50. Red Nail polish or Blue? Red
  51. Red or Green Apples? Red
  52. Red or Green Bell Peppers? Red
  53. Rent or Buy? I’m a buyer, but I should be a renter
  54. Romance or Horror? Romance
  55. Sandals or Flats? Flats
  56. Science or Art? Science
  57. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Fantasy
  58. Short hair or Long Hair? Short Hair
  59. Short or Long dress? Short
  60. Shorts or skirt? Skirt
  61. Shower or Bath? Shower
  62. Skirts or Pants? Skirt
  63. Smoothie or Ice cream? Smoothie
  64. Snow or Rain? Snow
  65. Soda or Juice? Soda
  66. Spring or Autumn? Spring….when it isn’t raining and is technically summer
  67. Steak or Burger? Steak
  68. Summer or Winter? Summer
  69. Sun or Moon? Moon
  70. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
  71. Talking or Listening? Listening
  72. Tea or Coffee? Tea
  73. Walmart or Target? Target
  74. Texting or phone calls? Texting
  75. The perfect job or the perfect relationship? the perfect relationship

Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments or if you have a blog or youtube channel, share a video or post of you doing this tag, below, and I’ll be sure to check it out! You’ve all been tagged! Have fun with it 🙂

Thanks for Reading!
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XOXO- Dellie

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