Drivers Abuse Handicapped Spaces

**The following article was originally published in the January 2017 issue of The Beacon, The Olentangy High School newspaper and media class. I was given the amazing opportunity to guest write for the issue, and work with the amazing students and staff of The Beacon. All thanks to them. Any information in the article was researched and fact checked … Continue reading Drivers Abuse Handicapped Spaces

Grandma’s House

Christmas was a tradition. Every year, me, my sisters, my mom and my dad would pile into a car, sometimes with an accompanying dish or two, and make the hour drive to the house on the hill. It was a mansion. No, more like a castle. With its white stucco exterior and red tile roof, … Continue reading Grandma’s House

We Are

We are students Putting it on ourselves to get perfect grades and ace every test To show up on time, early mornings after pulling a late night. Stressing over 30 minutes of work that determines 30 years of potential   We are siblings The eldest are slaving away, trying to make a mark in the … Continue reading We Are

Social Media Never Dies

Everything in our world will one day decay. The flowers will shrivel under snow, a baby will grow, Dying elderly and buried under stone. Your death changes it all. The memories that once shone, are hidden in my mind's’ darkest of halls. I hide them and deny they are there. I wish they weren’t…   … Continue reading Social Media Never Dies